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10 Anime DVDs for $10 at Right Stuf- Mystery Box Review

Right Stuf Anime often has blind boxes, and bargain boxes as a way to likely get rid of overstocked items. Today's box is 10 for $10 on Anime DvDs so in this box is 10 dvds, will they be any good? Let's find out!

I figured the DVDs were just single volumes and no seasons but I hoped for maybe a movie. The majority of these volumes seem to be from Geneon, so a lot of older releases. I will say I'm surprised at the collection set of Voltron but I'm not into mecha anime. Here are what these DVD's, are worth(according to eBay) Moribito Volume 1- $5.00 Moribito Volume 2- $8.00 Gatekeepers Volume 1- $5.00 Gatekeepers Volume 2- $5.00 Disgaea Volume 2- $5.00 Demon Lord Dante Volume 2- $7.00 Dragon Hunters Volume 1- $3.00 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Volume 1- $7.00 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Volume 2- $8.00 Voltron Collection Four Red Lion- $8.00 Estimated Total Value- $61 I'm uncertain if I can really get $61 out of this but this deal seems nice if you want to check out new unheard of anime at a low price. I would probably do this again, but I'll wait awhile to do so in an attempt to not get duplicates. I'd say check out this deal when you can to experience new anime, and if you just like surprises in general.

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