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7-11 Detective Pikachu Chocolate Bars- Food Review

I found these at 7-11 in celebration of The Detective Pikachu movie. I don't have much interest in seeing the movie, but I thought these candy bars were interesting. There is 3 flavors banana, raspberry and orange. The people working at 7-11 thought the banana one was the weirdest but to me it is the orange as to me orange and chocolate shouldn't mix. I have seen people on ebay sell these for as high as $20 for all 3, I got these at 7-11 for a $1-$2 each. Let's check out how these limited edition bars taste.

Bolt'N Banana

The chocolate is filled with banana cream and it goes well with the milk chocolate.

Roaring Raspberry

The bar is bright pink raspberry flavored bar with blue sprinkles. I never seen a bright pink white chocolate bar before but it tastes okay. The next day not to be gross but lets just say it came out just as pink.

Psyched-up Orange

This one is like the banana flavor with orange creme inside of a chocolate bar. It tasted pretty good considering I think orange in chocolate is weird.

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