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7-11 Limited Edition Spring Sweets- Food Review

I saw these at 7-11(no surprise) and considering the prices were 2 cookies for $1.50, and the donuts 2 for $2.50 I'd give these a try. These are all unique spring flavored items with fruity flavors. So unlikely you will find a similar item elsewhere.


Raspberry Glazed Donuts

The cake of the donut is a bit dry but with the glaze it is a nice raspberry flavored treat.

Lemon Powdered Donuts

These have a nice light lemon flavor, this cake is more moist, and the powder matches well with it.


Berry Pie

I love this flavor as you can really imagine it is a berry pie with its sweet berry filling and vanilla cookie. I love berry things in general so it's a shame it's only a limited time.

Peaches and Cream

I'm not a huge peach fan so the peach flavored cream was a bit strong but dipped in milk it was better.

Cherry Cheesecake

The Cherry Cheesecake was my second favorite from the cookies and had a nice creamy cherry taste to it.

Overall Review

If you like fruity flavors and baked goods then give these all a try while they last!

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