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A Lull in the Sea- Anime Review

I figured since the weather is finally warming up lets check out a summery anime. A Lull in the Sea is an anime that I found online and since then I bought the entire series on DVD. The anime consists of 2 different worlds one of land and one in the sea, and take place in both when the characters are in school and later in their life.

The Plot

When the middle school below the sea is closed the remaining 4 students must attend the school on land. After experiencing the overwhelming conflict between both the Sea Village and the Land Village the students and their new land friend decide to put on an Ofunehiki to promote the peace between the land and sea.

My Review

This anime is so beautiful and heartwarming even after a 2nd viewing. The sea village is amazing, the characters are all great, and while this anime is centered on a love story it doesn't feel like a romance. I can't get over how vivid the animation is either. If you want a beautiful anime with love, growing up, in a world where people can live under the sea without fins then give Lull in the Sea a chance.

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