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A Silent Voice- Anime Review

This is once again a movie that was advertised a good amount on Right Stuf Anime. I got interested once I saw the story and trailer of it. A Silent Voice reminds me of Colorful(another anime movie that had a message to say, and I will review someday).

The Plot

Shoko Nishimiya had a hard time in school due to being deaf as she was bullied by the popular guy Shoya Ishida. He became increasingly less popular as he bullied her as after he went too far he ended up the bullying target. Years later, Shoya lonely and regretful decides to find Shoko to make up for everything he did.

My Review

This anime touches on heavy subjects like suicide(it is a slice of life drama), but I find it handles them well and from a high schooler's point of view. Shoya, Shoko and the remaining cast are often outcasts who all have problems with dealing with people and communicating. I liked the animation that shows how Shoya sees the world, but it might take getting used to. I loved this anime it is hard to describe what makes it work, but you'll must see it for yourself.

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