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A Spirit of the Sun- Anime Review

This was another title I got just to get free shipping in a Sentai Flimworks sale. I also got it because there is a puppy on the cover(yes, I make dumb choices like that). After reading the plot it is different then what I thought I was going to get but still interested in seeing this through.

The Plot

When Japan is split in two due to both Mt. Fuji erupting and an earthquake and millions dead the remaining Japanese survivors must migrate to Taiwan. Unfortunately, due to lack of work living is tough in Taiwan luckily for Genichiro Ryu he was adopted by Taiwanese parents, but must find a way to bring peace between the Japanese and the country they live in.

My Review

I didn't have high expectations for this, but I really thought it was a great piece of work that shows peace can go farther than violence. Genichiro is a selfless boy who grows into a selfless man who only wants peace and believes you can change the world with only a voice and will. He is also a great leader as his words can move people to join him and join together. I only wish there was more people like him in this world when the world is divided. Give this a watch to see how far hope, will, and a voice can go.

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