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A Street Cat named Bob- Book Review

Owning 2 cats myself, I enjoy true stories on cats. The Bob series as I like to name it, is a series I read a few times and enjoyed as the bond between James and his cat is a great one. Let's start with the book that started it, all A Street Cat named Bob.

The Plot James Bowen is London busker with a drug abuse past he is slowly recovering from. He is off the drugs and on medication everything is going okay, but life is still hard. One evening he sees Bob on a doormat wounded. It take a bit for James to realize he is the only one who can help and despite the lack of money he does what he can to treat the cat he names Bob. Once recovered and vetted Bob travels with James to his busking spot and they meet new people and have interesting experiences.

My Review This is one of my all time favorite cat stories. It's not often you get a good true cat story where the cat makes such an impact on someones life, not to mention pet stories that involve recovering from drugs. Bob not only makes a difference in James's life, but also in all the people they meet. If you want a good cat story on where a cat brings hope into so many lives then this book is worth a read.

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