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Absolute Boyfriend - Manga Review

Absolute Boyfriend is a romance comedy manga by Yuu Watase, published by Shoujo Beat. I will warn and say this manga is rated for older teens as it has some risque content(I didn't even post the usual volume 1 cover for this review as the main guy Night is almost completely naked on it).

Riiko Izawa is tired of being rejected by her crushes and wishes for a boyfriend. She gets her wish after she helps a salesman out who gives her a CD-rom to a private website where can buy a boyfriend, not a human one a futuristic AI robot who she names Night. Riiko must keep that Night isn't human a secret or she'll be forced to pay a million dollars for him! Can she keep a secret even with her best friend living next door?

This is a great manga, at only 6 volumes it is a quick read as well. I own the entire series, and I reread them every once in a while. I find the whole having to keep Night a secret entertaining and funny and the relationship sweet. This manga deserves an 8/10 for being a short but sweet series that makes you wish for a non-human boyfriend.

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