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Afro Samurai- Anime Review

Yes, this is real Samuel Jackson voiced an anime called Afro Samurai where he defeats other samurai for headbands. I saw these years ago back when I watched Toonami on Cartoon Network when I was in middle-high school and, yes, I liked this.

The Plot

It is said whoever has the number 1 headband is the best samurai and shall have amazing powers. The only way to obtain the number 1 headband is to obtain the number 2 and challenge him to a fight as only number 2 can fight number 1. Justice who held the number 2 headband challenges and kills Afro's father who held the number 1 headband, upon seeing this Afro vows revenge on Justice. Years later, Afro now has the number 2 headband and seeks out Justice while fighting others who wish to obtain his headband for their chance to fight Justice.

My Review

This series is very short and long at the same time. I found Afro's friend annoying and scenes with him drag, while the action can be so quick you may not see what is going on. The world is also strange that people dress in kimono samurai wear while cell phones and cyborgs exist. This anime was one weird ride which may appeal to some while others will just sit there questioning everything.

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