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Akira- Anime Review

Akira is considered to be one of the anime movie classics. It is one of the first thing you think of when you hear the term "anime movie" next to the Studio Ghibli films. I got this in the Right Stuf mystery boxes(I forgot the name of them as it's been so long since they did them), the Steelbook edition. It is a shame I didn't know it took place in the year 2019 or I would have reviewed this last year.

The Plot

In 2019 after years of Tokyo being rebuilt is it now called Neo-Tokyo where terrorism, gangs, and violence bring it to a verge of collapse. During a protest Shotaro and his gang fight against the Clown Gang. In the middle of the chaos Shotaro's friend Tetsuo collides into an esper granting him psychic powers. Powers that may destroy what is remaining of Neo- Tokyo.

My Review

The animation still looks great, considering it was made in 1988. I do like the movie for its cinematic effects, themes of government experimentation on children, and looking impressive for it's time. The characters were okay and while I related to Tetsuo and his want for power when he was bullied a lot of his life I still thought he was merely okay as well. This is a fairly graphic movie as it has an R rating and can be disturbing, but it is mostly an action movie. I would recommend for at least 1 viewing to see why it was such a landmark in anime movies, but beyond that it would depend on your own tastes.

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