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Angel Beats- Anime Review

I remember seeing this series not long after it was completed several years ago. I also used an AMV of this series for a school project. This was also one of those anime that was talked about a lot when it came out, but not so much nowadays.

The Plot

The world of Angel Beats is set in a school like after life that is between the world of the living and where you go from there. The world is for young people who have suffered trauma in their previous lives and must overcome them before they can move on or be reincarnated. The main character is a boy is amnesia named Yuzuru Otonashi who is asked to join the SSS(an organization that is against the god of the realm and whose main target is a girl named Angel who is said to be working for him). Did he pick the right side to get out of this purgatory or will they be stuck there forever?

My Review

This is another Key animation emotional fest. Everyone in the series has had a tragic past and the ending made me cry. The characters all have personalities(you may not like them all) and a past they must overcome. I do find it a bit weird such a dark story has tons of humor and they are packing heat, but it seems to work in the world they created. I really enjoyed this anime despite the weirdness and the emotional moments never felt forced. Take a chance on this near forgotten anime.

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