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Anime Midwest 2018 Haul- Part 2 Artist Alley

I love the Artist Alley section of the Dealer's room as you can find many unique handmade items. I always make sure to check out every Artist Alley booth for items I want as I enjoy supporting small businesses(If I bought from you and your item is not pictured it it due to the fact it was bought to be a gift). I have also kept business cards for many booths I did not buy from to buy from in the future due to I only had so many funds. The bigger Items I bought are pictured above, will be listed here:

Eevee clock- Esclair Studios- web:

I love eevee so I had to get this clock, I especially love how the Eevee is is the minute hand.

Castle in the Sky poster- Yasu Kawamura/ StudioLG web:

I like the peaceful atmosphere in this poster that captures the wonder of Castle in the Sky.

Kiki's delivery service Poster- Ben Masi web:

I like this poster of Kiki and Tombo enjoying a day off.

FMA Holographic Poster- Pixel Wayve web:

I like the anime series message at the bottom and the metallic red for the transmutation circle.

Now for the smaller items!

Death Note bookmark- Dannimon web:

I buy bookmarks from him every year as I like the cute artwork.

Alien bookmark- Albert the Alien- web:

Just a simple bookmark of an alien boarding a ship to Earth.

Chipmunk dressed as Chucky- Jeff Balke Studios- web:

I love the Chucky series so seeing a cute animal dress as him is funny.

Eevee drawing- Christina Wolodkowicz- web:

I love the cute eyes of this wonderfully drawn Eevee.

Ghibili bookmarks- unknown (they were out of business cards if you made these let me know so I can credit you)

These bookmarks are cute and well done.

Eevee keychain- unknown (let me know if you made this for credit!)

Kirby keychain- unknown (let me know if you made this for credit!)

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