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Anime Midwest 2018 Haul Part 6- Mystery box 3: Ocarina Mystery Box

STL Ocarina believes music is for everyone and is developed by professional musicians to provide high quality ocarinas for novice and advanced ocarina players. They also do education programs for music classes in schools and believe the ocarina is easier to play then the recorder.

The ocarinas themselves come in 12 holes, 6 holes and even special themed ones including of course Zelda ones. The mystery box will come with a 12 hole, and a 6 hole, and some even come with 2 12 hole ocarinas if your lucky and at only $30 you are possibly saving money then spending up to maybe a $100 for one ocarina depending on what you want. So what did I get inside? Let's find out!

Looks like I was lucky and got 3 in my box so let's do an item rundown on the ocarinas here:

12 hole Blue plastic Ocarina(the one in the box)- $25

12 hole mini Zelda Ocarina- $21

7 hole Chinese? Ocarina- $20? (I couldn't find it anywhere on the website it must be a discontinued one

Total value: $66

The value is great for this box and according to the website the 12 hole plastic one I have is a great one for beginners now I just need instructional booklets on how to play one which I'll get when I can. Thanks STL Ocarina for the chance to learn to play an Ocarina.

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