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Anime Midwest 2018 Part 7- Mystery box 4- Dragon Mystery egg

Dragon Trading is an anime and gaming merch. company that sells figures, games and cosplay weapons online. I find the mystery box to be interesting as it comes in an egg and you get a bonus bag to carry your egg in. The total cost was $50 so lets see what that gets us...

I got not 1 but 2 pop figures and 2 of the same question block plush I guess there is a lot of duplicates in these eggs, but I seen other eggs opened at the con, and I never saw doubles in those. Now, lets have the item rundown!

D. VA with Meka Pop figure- $20

I never played Overwatch so unlikely to keep this.

Linda Belcher Pop figure- $9

I have also never seen Bob's Burgers so again unlikely to keep.

Astro Boy Plush- $15

I also don't need an Astro boy plush.

The Nintendo Coin Blocks- $5 each

They look nice but why did I get 2?

Black Rock Shooter Shirt SM- $15

Unfortunately even if I liked/seen Black Rock Shooter I'm not a small.

Total value: $69


I would say while I likely won't keep any items(except maybe the bag it came in) and that was a disappointment that the value was pretty good. The items are also in good quality but again unlikely to keep anything. So if you like figures, t shirts and plush this mystery egg maybe for you!

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