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Anime Midwest 2018 Part 8- Mystery box 5 : Wizard's Chest of Mystery

If you know mystery boxes then you probably heard of Toynk that shows up in cons with a huge variety of mystery boxes from anime, to video games, to even pop culture. Unfortunately, if you want one of their renown mystery boxes, you will either need to go to their storefront or to a con as most of the mystery boxes aren't available online. This is another spendy $50 mystery box. Anyway, as you can probably guess, I'm a Harry Potter fan, so let's see if this box will tailor to what I want above the rest!

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These items are amazing to me I'll likely use all of those but the socks(they are knee highs, and I never had good luck in getting knee high socks to fit my legs). I already love this box but did I get my money worth?

Undesirable No. 1 journal- $16

I will likely use this journal as who doesn't need a notebook/journal to write things down?

Hermione water bottle- $24

I like this cute water bottle with Hermione and Crookshanks I'll likely just keep it for home use.

Gadget Decals- $7

I just got a new laptop so these would be perfect to decorate it.

Playing cards- $6

I collect playing cards, and I don't own this one yet so it's perfect.

Seeker knee high socks- $10

I likely cannot fit these, so the only item I won't keep from this box.

Death Eater key fob- $9

I wanted a new key fob to clip on my book bag as my current Harry Potter one is wearing out.

Total Value: $72


Once again, I love the items in this box, and the value I might even buy another one of these boxes next year! If you're a big Harry Potter fan, then you'll love this box. Speaking of Harry Potter I'll be coming out with Harry Potter reviews soon including the books, comparing the books to movies, Harry Potter candy, and DS games Stay tuned!!

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