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Anime Midwest 2019 Haul- Akibento Con Mystery Box

As you can see this is the biggest box I got from the con, so I saved it for last. The Akibento Con Mystery box was $40 and claims to have over 10 items in it. Akibento is originally a subscription service for anime fans and each box includes a T-shirt, and a manga(this con box also includes a T-shirt and manga). Let's see what's inside.

I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this. The box was so huge I thought it'd be full of items, but all the items pictured took up only a 1/3 of the box so it was like opening a bag of chips and finding it mostly air. Here is the item rundown(from left to right).

XL shirt of?

Idk this anime so I likely won't keep it.

Ninja Turtle? sticker.

A cheap black and white sticker.

Akibento Exclusive Ninja Handband

I assume this is supposed to be a Naruto Handband, but without the Village logo on it.

Akibento Exclusive shoulder bag

The design on this bag just looks like an eye on a muddled grey and black background but I guess it may be useful to have.

Anime Lanyard with Id case

I don't know what anime this is as it's title is in Japanese and I just got a new lanyard.

Brown and yellow zig zag belt and lanyard set

I don't need a cloth belt or a lanyard so I'll likely get rid of it.

Knight helmet bookmark

This bookmark reminds me of Goblin Slayer so I will 100% keep this cool bookmark.

Black Butler volume 1

This is a series I haven't read in forever so I might give it a chance.

High School Zombie keychain

I again don't know this show so not keeping the keychain.

Not Shown- A Certain Scientific Railroad Sticker

This sticker is so bent up it's unusable which is a shame as I liked that anime.

Overall Review

Needless to say I'm quite disapointed. If this box was made to get you to subscribe to Akibento I would say it failed to convince me. It feels like I'll mostly get cheap knock off items, a Tshirt I may or not like and a single manga. I will say the box gets points for my cats being obsessed with it the hr I spent on this review. If you like the items I showed you then check out Akibento.

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