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Anime Midwest 2019 Haul- Dealer's Room

I once again attended Anime Midwest and found many good finds from many Dealers in the Dealer's Room. The Dealer's, room is mainly official merchandise from small to large companies the handmade items I bought will be featured in Artist's Alley. Let's see what I got this year, and a heads up the DVD's and manga will likely be in future reviews.

I will not reveal what I paid for every item, but let's just say I saved a lot of money for this con and leave it at that. I will list items in left to right order so it is easy to see what I got.

Okatu Joe's- Who specializes in new and used Anime DVDs/Bluray even rare ones.

Haibane Renmei Complete series(already reviewed but wanted to own)

Red Data Girl Complete Series SAVE Edition

The Rescuers 35th Anniversity Edition double Feature(will not review as it is not Jap. Anime)

Dance in the Vampire Bund SAVE Edition

Magic Knight Rayearth Complete Collection

Ghost Stories Complete Collection (got it due to Greg Aryes starring in it)

I got this from Linkara himself as he was selling his dvd's at a booth and he even signed it for me. I have not seen his stuff before, but I will check it out.

Atop The Fouth Wall Back Issues collection

Level 419- Anime DVD booth where they had many things on sale.

Ghost Hound Collection 2(I own Collection 1 already)

Okamikakushi Masque of the Wolf(I got it as it was 50% off and had the word wolf in the title lame reason i know)

What I got from a manga vender(They didn't have a business card and I don't have their name)

Love Com Vol 8 (I own 1-6)

Romeo X Juliet(I own the anime so wanted to check out the manga and got it from a trade of me trading old manga)

Duck Family Farms- They specialize in Pokemon Items and I will be reviewing a mystery box from them later.

Eevee mini Wall Scroll

Pin Shoppe- They sell pins from anime, comics and more.

Eevee Pin

Unknown Sellers(no business cards and I don't have the name sorry)

Code Geass Playing Cards

Sitting up Eevee Plush

Lets Go Eevee cap cling on Eevee

Here are the T Shirts I got:

TeeTurtle- They make cute spoof T shirts and have recently made some card games.

I'm Harmless, I Swear cat T shirt, the head glows in the dark as a skull.

Unknown Seller

Cat Bus T Shirt

Stl Ocarina- They make and sell Ocarinas, song books, and method books. I got a ocarina from them last year, so, I got more songbooks even though I never had a chance to learn to play.

Hayao Miyazaki's Anime Feature Flim songbook

Your Favorite Anime Songs

Zelda Song Book

Platyfly Studios- They made their own clothing and knitting.

Golden Snitch Cat Toy

Sanders: *sniffs and plays with with and kicks at it*

Luna: *watches from afar*

Unknown Sellers

Tomato Pretz- I like these salty tomato flavored pretzel sticks.

Green Tea Pocky- I reviewed this last year and it is just as good.

Cookies and Cream Pocky- Same as Green Tea Pocky.

Hi-Chews yogurt berry flavors- I like these chewy, fruity, creamy candy.

Melon Bread- The bread itself is dry but the top is creamy melon.

Hokkaido Cream Bread- This bread was nice and soft and had a creamy taste to it.

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