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Anime Midwest 2019 Haul- Instant Anime Collection Mystery Bag

I love mystery bags and I'm sure this shall be worth the $35 as it has 3 complete series of an anime on DVD. I like exploring new anime so hopefully I'll find a series I never seen before or at least don't own in this bag. The bag came from a booth titled Level 419, a video arcade? I don't know how arcade and anime DVDs fit, but this still seems an interesting blind bag.

Amazingly, these are all series I haven't seen. I have heard of Yamishibai, but never seen it. The others are both from anime companies that went out of business so they are out of print so unlikely I would have gotten them easily.

Jinki: Extend

Seems to be an sci-fi anime starring girls in mechs?


This series is on spooky Japanese horror stories that seems to have strange animation.

Geo Armor

Another Mecha anime from a while ago as Pioneer tanked years ago.


Once again it's quite rare for a dvd mystery box that only has anime I never seen before. If you're looking for good mystery bags of anime DVDs then check out Level 419 at cons where they will have mystery bags full of things you may have never heard of.

To check out Level 419

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