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Anime Midwest 2019 Haul-Pokemon Mystery Box

This Mystery box is from Duck Family Farms a shop that specializes in Pokemon Merch. This box cost me $10-$20? I honestly don't recall sorry. The boxes are all in white boxes, but I picked the only one that was in a brown box. Was I lucky in picking the odd duck of the bunch? let's find out!

Here are the items.

Ash Figure

Clip on Ultra Ball

Mudkip plush

I also got many Pokemon cards.


I'm unsure what I expected, but the Mudkip is cute. The remaining items might mean more if I was collecting Pokemon cards as far the figure and clip on ball maybe if i was younger? I do think the box is worth the money and if you are a big Pokemon fan you will like it. I'll likely keep the plush, but the rest I'll gladly find a new home for.

To find Duck Family Farms

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