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Anime Midwest 2019 Haul- Wizard's Chest of Mystery

I also got this box from Toynk Toys as if I did I would get a free mini mystery box from them(in the next review). I love Harry Potter, so I had to get this box again, this year it was cheaper, than last year at $45 and the box was slightly smaller so hopefully we'll get different items in it this year.

Man, was I surprised the only thing similar was Harry Potter Playing Cards, but these are a different deck design than those ones. Let's itemize each item in this box.

Harry Potter Quidditch Journal

The journal seems pretty sturdy and has a red ribbon bookmark built into it to mark your place.

Honey Dukes Eraser Set

This would go nicely with the journal if I ever used a Journal.

Hermonie Pin

I like this pin and will 100% keep it.

Elder Wand Keychain

This came from a key chain mystery box and while I like it I already have a wand keychain on my set of keys.

Ariana frame with hidden storage

It turns out this was a loot Crate exclusive in 2017(it says on the box it came in). I like it but living in an apartment I'm unsure if I can even use it.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Playing Cards

Another great set of playing cards for my collection.

Harry Potter socks.

I will also surely keep and use these as they are normal socks and not knee high ones like I got before.

Considering I'll likely keep at least half of this, that there are some ex-exclusive items, and that each box is different I highly recommend it. Give this or get yourself one if you're a Harry Potter fan. This box is actually listed on the companies website so you can go and get one now if you want.

Check out Toynk Toys

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