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Astro Boy 2003- Anime Review

For the final anime in this Tezuka and Clamp marathon, I bring you, Astro Boy. Astro Boy is one of the most well known Tezuka works and aired back when shows were in black and white. This 2003 series is a reboot of the classic, and I got this disc set on clearance, so I get it to check it out.


Set in the future, robots are nothing more than machines that serve humans. Dr. Tenma, a robotics expert disappears to try to make a robot with a heart. Professor Ochanomizu takes over as the head of robotics and discovers a robot boy he names Astro. Astro soon realizes he can fly and has super strength and goes to help defend Metro City.


I can see why Astro Boy is a classic Tezuka work and one of the most well known. At first, it's just a boy robot fighting crime, but in the later episodes you see the line blur between what is human and what is a robot. Is it right to enslave robots who think and feel as we do just because we created them? Should robots get to choose if they want to be free or to be with us? This anime brings questions like this to the table and gets you thinking on what exactly is right for humans and robots. I like series that get you to think about what is right and wrong and it's not just black and white. If you like robots, good vs evil and questioning what is right, then Astro Boy is the classic made for you.

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