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Barakamon- Anime Review

I have seen this anime once, and I enjoyed it. I of course bought it to rewatch and review. I had to wait until the essentials' version was released because the original version was over 50 bucks this was 25ish.

The Plot

After calligrapher Sei Handa's work wasn't favored, he is pushed back his breaking point and sent to an small island to calm down. The island isn't exactly calming when you have a little girl using your place as a secret base breaking in all the time. Can Sei Handa ever find the inspiration to be like the greats when kids can't even learn to knock before they visit?

My Review

I think this is a nice heartwarming anime about finding your place in the world. The relationship between Handa and Naru is fun and sweet. The other village kids can get a bit crazy, but it helps bring Handa out of his shell. If you like calligraphy, fun, small villages, and great funny characters then Barakamon won't disappoint.

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