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Barefoot Gen movies- Anime Review

I have already reviewed the manga, but now it's time for the movie adaptations. I would normally just put the review on the manga page but I feel these movies deserve their own page.

The Plot

Gen is a cheerful boy despite the war with rations and living in poverty, he always tries to see the bright side. All that changes when the atomic bomb takes not only his city and home, but all of his family except his mother. This doesn't take his cheerful spirit as he hopes one day, things will be better for him and his mom as they try to survive.

My Review

These two films are a bit rushed because they are compressed hr semi-films from a 10-volume comic series. I do find that the charm shines through the rushed story, and that it is like the manga, in how tragic it is. Movies you should see if you are interested in what it was like for the Japanese after the bombing.

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