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Beast Master- Manga Review

Beast Master is a short not well known manga series at only 2 volumes. I first read this series online and only recently bought both volumes. The cover is a bit deceiving as it looks like an S&M manga but it isn't.

The Plot

Yuiko Kubozuka loves animals, too much as she smothers them with her love and they grow to hate her. Yuiko runs into Leo Aoi a new transfer student one night where he is covered in blood and has piercing eyes. The next day she finds out his scary gaze is just that a look, as Leo Aoi is a nice sweet boy, but he has secret. Leo's secret is if he is scared and sees blood he goes berserk and attacks everything in sight, when he does so Yuiko finds out she is the only one who can stop him in this state. Yuiko must stop his rampages so Leo and others don't get hurt but can she stop him forever?

My Review

I love Leo's character a sweet nice boy with a dark side and Yuiko's love for animals that hate her make this manga a crazy, love comedy. It is a shame the series is so short but not everyone would get this manga's craziness. If your into a relationship, that is a bit out of the ordinary then you might want to check this out. I give Beast Master a 9/10 for being a short, crazy ride.

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