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Beastars- Anime Review

I waited forever for this anime to be released in the US(shame so far it's only, Netflix and there may not be a DVD/Blu-ray release due to that), ever since it was first announced. I waited until after the second season to review this series.

The Plot

Cherryton Academy is home to human like animals from small rodents to big tigers. The carnivores and herbivores have their own dorms and you are in rooms based on what family of animals you are(such as canines are in a room together including dogs, foxes, and wolves). Legoshi a Grey wolf is one of the prime suspects in a murder of an alpaca named Tem as he is the biggest carnivore in the drama club. Who did it and after Legoshi meets a rabbit can he contain the beast within?

My Review

I'm currently reading the manga, which at this point is only a few volumes from being completed. To me, this series is a more adult and deeper Zootopia. The world is more fleshed out on how carnivores and herbivores live in a world where eating flesh is banned as it would mean eating other members of society. It also goes into how many carnivores can't just survive on eggs, and bugs alone and still have urges to eat prey animals. I find the characters and the world very interesting and wonder if there is more in store for such an amazing series.

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