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Beastars- Manga Review

The final volume has finally released and now I can do a fair review on the Beastars manga series. I have reviewed the anime, but the anime only covered the first half of the manga so will my feelings change on this being one of my all time favorite series with the manga's ending?


Cherryton Academy is a high school where naturally predator and prey are divided. Only in personal relationships is the fragile peace maintained. When a classmate is murdered, the peace may be shattered. One of the prime suspects is the gray wolf Legoshi, who despite his size has a gentle spirit. Will he remain so after meeting Haru the dwarf rabbit or will the beast inside escape?


This has got to be one of my favorite series of all time. The world this series builds is amazing, well thought out, but also dark and disturbing beneath the surface. It makes you question(or at least me) morality. It's not surprising this series has been controversial in the manga and anime community. I'm afraid if I go into further detail it'll spoil the series for any that are curious. If you need a series with great world building, morals questioned, and can handle dark and disturbing topics then give this a read.

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