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Beastly- Book Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Beastly is a great modern day take on Beauty and the Beast. What makes this book even more interesting is that it's told from the beast's perspective not the girls.

The story starts with Kyle Kingsbury the hottest, and most popular guy in school, who is likely to be voted to be the prince for the school dance(get it because in the original tale the beast was a prince?). During class when people are filling out ballots, a girl named Kendra brings up how sexist, and morally wrong it is to vote for dance royalty as most of the people are solely voted based on looks and not much else. Irritated at this Kyle gets an idea and tells Kendra that she is right, and he will go to the dance with her.

Kendra asks for a white rose for her corsage, while Kyle's real date Sloane(the hottest girl in school) asks for an orchid.

The big dance arrives and Kyle got the wrong flower(the white rose); instead, of the orchid which he gives away to a girl working the dance to help calm down his real date. Kendra finds out about being tricked and then curses Kyle into a big, hairy, ugly, clawed and fanged beast(unlike the movie that shows a hot guy with tattoos as if that is scary or creepy when this is New York I'm sure there is many people with tattoos walking around). She gives him 2 years to break the curse if he can't he is a beast forever.

I really loved the characters, the New York setting, and how again it is told from the beast's point of view. The beast slowly changes for the better and there is strangely a support group for other people who are cursed that is mentioned. I find it interesting that in this world not only 1 curse exists but probably many more different curses. I'll give this book an 9/10 for an amazing new take on an old fairy tale.

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