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The Beauty and The Beast By Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve - Book Review

This is the longest title I ever had doing my reviews due to the author's name. When I went to London, I went to the House of Minalima the art designer of the Harry Potter films. Of course I got the Minalima version of Harry Potter's first and second years. I also found their edition of Beauty and The Beast, and as I never read the original "tale as old as time" I decided to get this edition.


After the tragedy of her father's losses in his business, Beauty quietly adjusts to a poor life while her siblings do not. When the father heard that one of his ships might have arrived safely, his children all asked for extravagant gifts, but Beauty only wanted a rose. It was this rose that locked her fate to the beast.


The Minalima edition does not disappoint and if you want the complete tale then I'd say get this edition. It is beautifully illustrated and has cute pop up items. As for the tale itself, it was much longer than I expected. The story I'm sure most people know ends 3 chapters before the end the rest is how the events took place and why. I do like this for being the original tale but I wish there was a better way to explain things then just tell it all at the end. If it did that though we wouldn't get as much of a twist ending. If you want to experience the complete Beauty and The Beast fairytale then I fully recommend this edition.

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