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Black Jack 2004- Anime Review

Black Jack the unlicensed surgeon for hire is back in the newer 2004 TV series. This series has a more light-hearted tone than the OVA I reviewed before, but the stories do get tragic and sometimes dark. The series also touches on subjects like the environment, wartime, and endangered species in addition to medical related diseases and operations.

What is it about?

Black Jack is an unlicensed surgeon with godlike scalpel skills. While he charges insane amounts of money for his skills many are willing to pay for reasons such as secrecy, traveling, and the fact despite his lack of license many doctors will recommend him.

Black Jack is not alone he has an assistant named Pinoko who despite her size, past, and lack of speaking skills can assist Jack in nearly any operation. There is also Largo(who is newly added for this series) a dog with a sixth sense but is rather lazy. Black Jack himself must save the lives of a 200 yo man, cancer patients, a woman from suicide, a kid during a hospital takeover, and many more patients who can only live with his skills. Is Black Jack's skills, and allies enough or is there something else needed to save these lives?

My Review

Black Jack(2004), despite having 61 eps was a quick watch as I couldn't stop watching. My favorite eps were Order of Operations, Miracle Arms, Gift of the Killer Whale and Pinoko is Born(the story of how Black Jack got Pinoko and her origins). I have seen this series multiple times and it never gets old it's just a shame the complete series was never released in America. This is also the series that most closely resembles the manga. I give this series a 9/10.

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