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Black Jack 21- Anime Review

Black Jack 21 is a sequel to the Black Jack (2004) anime. This is the first Black Jack anime series to have an overarching storyline, other than individual episodes with each their own single story. The tone is also darker and more serious than the previous 2004 anime, though it still has its silly moments.

What is it about?

Black Jack 21 starts off with Blackjack being thrown in jail for practicing medicine illegally without license. When he is, finally, released, and returns home there is a bomb waiting for him which explodes after a voicemail from a mysterious caller tells him to join his mother in heaven. Narrowly escaping death by jumping off the cliff into the ocean by his home, Black Jack, allows his friends to think he is dead(few are surprised as Blackjack has made many enemies in the medical world) due to the fact his attempted murderer might not stop at just him. Who is this assassin sent to kill Black Jack and what do they have to do with the accident that occurred 20 years ago that killed his mother?

My review

This series was a great way for the 2000s series to end. I loved how it went into Black Jack's past to discover the truth of it and his parents while uncovering even more twists. I fully recommend if you are going to watch this series to watch the 2004 series first to get the full story. Unfortunately, like the 2004 series, this has never been released in America so the only way to watch it is on the net. I give this series a 10/10 for being the perfect ending to a great series, that ties up all the loose ends.

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