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Black Jack OVA series-Anime Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Black Jack is a doctor of legend who works outside the law. His skills are beyond compare which is why he gets the strangest and more difficult of cases, which he will do for the right price. He will also keep your case confidential, a good thing if you have plants growing from your body, or a mouth sore that not only talks, but can transform you into another person.

Black Jack also doesn't work alone he often has his assistant Pinoko who while she looks 5 is really a 18yo, and just as smart. He will need all the help he can get in these 10 strange and dangerous cases from a man who leaks all the water from his body, to a man who bleeds from bullet wounds and then heals instantly!

I love black Jack he may be an illegal doctor but he is a man you can trust with your life. Black Jack is just as amazing here as he is in the TV series, manga, and young Black Jack series; If you love medical thrillers and mysteries you'll love Black Jack! I give this series a 10/10.

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