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Black Jack The Movie- Anime Review

I'm a huge fan of Black Jack by Osamu Tezuka and it is one of my favorite all time, anime. OVA and Young Black Jack are great too, now that I found this movie, shopefully this will complete all anime adaptations of Black Jack. Here hoping this won't disappoint.


Black Jack is an underground surgeon with an unmatched skill who can perform surgeries that others may think impossible while charging thousands to millions of dollars. Now faced with his most difficult challenge yet that may test the limits of medical science. People who have superhuman levels of intelligence and athletic ability have appeared.

Others are enthralled by these superhumans as they stand above the human race in every aspect, but how is this possible? Through conspiracy and genetic phenomena, Black Jack discovers the truth behind this anomaly, which hides a dark secret that could endanger humanity.


Of course, this movie didn't disappoint, and it has the same darker tone of the OVA vs the lighter tone of the TV series. Black Jack once again rises to the occasion in this full length movie. I love how realistic this fictional story can be and if you pause it you can learn more info on the medical terms they are talking about but it is not necessary to enjoy this film. Be warned, there is blood and operations showing organs so if you are squeamish at the sight of these things this is not the movie for you. If you are not faint of heart, you will enjoy this dark drama on saving human life and humanity itself.

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