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Blood+ -Anime Review

It's time for my first horror anime in October! The rest of this month will be dedicated to horror/spooky anime, manga, novels and more!

Blood+ is one of the first anime(besides childhood anime like Pokemon and yu-gi-oh) I ever seen, so it holds a special place in my heart for that. I also saw this under the recommended age staying up vlate at night possibly against my mom's wishes(sorry mom!). The show was featured on Toonami the late evening block of anime on Cartoon Network. Other shows featured in this block(at least when I was growing up) was Naruto, Inuyasha, and Death Note(reviews for Inuyasha and Death Note will happen for sure in the future).

The Plot

Saya is your typical, anemic, high school student, into high jumping. She was adopted by George Miyagusuku a year ago and has two adopted brothers named Kai and Riku. Saya can't remember anything beyond the day when she was taken in by her family but is happy.

One Day, after forgetting to take home her track shoes, she returns to the school, when she is attacked by a blood sucking monster, called a Chiropteran. She is thankfully saved by a tall darkly dressed man with a cello case, named Haji. Saya quickly finds out that she is the only one who can kill them with her blood.

Now, it is up to Saya, to save humanity from chiropterans using her sword that can hold her blood to slay them. After a tragedy, She and her brothers, join an organization called Red Shield that has a goal to kill chiropterans and one called Diva.

My Review

If you like vampires/monsters, blood, death but also great characters and story, then give this anime a try. I spent a lot to own the Part 1 and Part 2 box sets from Sony but to me it was worth it for such an amazing anime. My rating is 10/10.

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