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Blood Lad- Manga Review

I remember reading the plot of this series years ago and being interested in this series but I never got around to it until now. Fortunately, when I returned Ottomen, the library had all the books so, I decided to give these a read after all these years.


Staz is a vampire in the Demon World who is a big fan of humans so imagine his luck when a human girl appears in his world. Unfortunately, she gets killed and turns into a ghost. Staz then promises her that he will find a way to bring her back to life.


This was a great series with action, comedy, and a dash of romance. Staz, Wolf and the other demons are all unique and interesting both in designs and personality. Fuyumi while the innocent human girl can be fun to see as well. The story does have a lot of anime and manga references so I wouldn't recommend this as your first manga series. If you like the supernatural, with good action and comedy, sink your teeth into Blood Lad.

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