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Bloody Kiss- Manga Review

This is another series I got from the famous Open Books. The title seemed interesting, and the series only consisted of 2 books, so I went and bought it before reading it. The only thing I knew about this series before purchase was the title and it was a vampire romance was I surprised?

The Plot

When Kiyo Katsuragi's grandmother dies she inherits an old house, that already has 2 vampires living in it. Kiyo who was at first going to sell the house to pay her way to college, decides to be the landlord to the 2 vampires Kuroboshi(a half vampire) and his attendant Alshu.

Kuroboshi soon falls for Kiyo and declares her to be his bride, but Kiyo resists as they aren't even the same species. Soon though, Kiyo starts to like Kuroboshi but will her pride get in the way of her true feelings?

My Review

The manga is a vampire forbidden love romance comedy so not unique. I did like the characters and the blood for vampires just gives them power but can eat like humans' trope, but it doesn't have tons going for it. I can't blame the manga making vampire forbidden love series has got to be hard to make it stand out. I'll give this series a 6/10 for trying and at least getting me to read it to the end without being bored with it, but unlikely I'll reread this series.

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