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Boxu-Chan Bizzare- Mystery Box Review

The Boxu-Chan Bizzare Box is a unique offering from Boxu-Chan. Boxu-chan normally only does personalized boxes but this one is the black sheep of the family. The bizzare box is ADULTS ONLY as it often contains 18+ anime, it also includes uncommon anime, strange merch. and "terrible" anime.

Top left: Jushin Liger animation CEL

I never heard of this anime but owning an CEL is pretty cool even from an anime I know nothing about.

Middle: The Samurai OVA

Ah yes old 90s cheaply dubbed anime. I will 100% review this. Boxu-Chan describes it as "an absolute shlocky and hammy 90s OVA about a samurai and busty ninjas in an action comedy".

Top Right: Hallow Hallow 18+ manga

Boxu-Chan tells me to enjoy this but it's in Japanese so unsure how I'm to read it.


So well all I can say is if you want a strange grab bag of odd anime items then give it a go, if your willing to drop $39.99 on strangeness.

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