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Boxu-Chan- Mystery Box Review

Boxu-Chan is a one of a kind anime DVD mystery box. This box is tailored to you, all you have to do is fill out a survey based on what type of anime you would like, DVD or Blu-ray, and if a series how long of a series you would want most. I find this idea to be amazing to have a mystery box tailored to what your interests are and to top it off each box comes with at least 1 full series or season of an anime and at least 1 additional item(you can also pick what kind of additional item you may want as well). Let's see what I got and if this will be a staple on this blog!

These are the lucky items I got and I got to say this box is already great. I have read the included booklet that gives me details on each item(and tells me why I got them) and all but the plush it's all stuff I'd likely love, very surprisingly I never seen any of the 2 anime I got(I heard of GTO but never seen it).

Red Garden Collection 1 and 2-Complete series

This anime states it's from the creators of Hellsing and is a great horror series which is great as I love horror anime. The story seems to be on 4 women who were murdered but somehow still live to find out who killed them.

One of my favorite anime of all time is Blood+. I have a feeling I'll enjoy this series(you'll find out if I do as I do plan to review this someday)

GTO Great Teacher Onizuka volume 1- eps 1-4

This series I have heard of it's on an idiotic high school teacher who uses his experience to help his students, and chaos ensues. I do enjoy comedy anime and since I own this first part of the series I should give it a look see before I decide to possibly own the whole thing.

Splatoon Squid Plushie

I did say I would enjoy getting plush as my bonus item, so I can't fault the box for not knowing I never played the splatoon games, as I'm not a fan of online games. I prefer for it just to be me and the game or just play locally with people I know. I may not keep this plush but I'll be sure to find it a good home.

Overall Review

This box was everything I wanted in a mystery box. I loved how I can pick genres and have a surprise but have it more likely I'll enjoy the surprise. Anime is such a broad type of animation that half the time when it comes to anime mystery boxes you only get series that are the most popular or most well known, not only that but no DVDs it's mostly just merch and maybe a manga. I love to expand my Anime DVD/Blu-ray collection so other boxes don't do it for me. I have seen over 200 series of anime so I like to be introduced into something new. This box did all of that for me I 100% would order again, most likely every other month.

To Order

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