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Boxuchan Deluxe- Mystery Box Review

If you don't remember what a Boxuchan is it is an anime DVD mystery box that is catered to you. You fill out a survey when you order on your anime tastes and you'll get a box that has anime that matches what you like. The Deluxe box has 2 complete series, a figure, and one additional item that can be anything from manga, plush, CELs, and an anime movie. It is $89.99 including shipping. Let's see what I got.

When I updated my survey(you can change it at anytime) I put I love anime that features yokai and I think they did well on that.

Re-Kan! Complete Series- This series is on a girl named Hibiki who can see spirits and keeps roping in her new friend Narumi into crazy situations involving the spirits they meet. I think this fits well with what I asked for and I think it'll be a good time to review.

Sasami-San, @ Ganbaranai Complete series- A girl who is a shut in has her brother who is a teacher at the school she wishes to go to record his experiences there. However, things start getting crazy and make her think reality is stranger than fiction. This is another good find by Boxuchan and I like the mystery aspect of it.

Kikuchi "Low Tier Character Tomozaki Kun"- Figure I never heard of the anime and I wish these boxes didn't have to come with figures but it is what it is. It looks nice though.

Devil's Candy Manga- A student at demon school is a genius and creates his own "human" who wrecks havoc on the school. Looks like an interesting manga, will review this single volume below:

This manga, though it's likely not a true manga as it reads left to right. It was an interesting story on a demon kid who goes to school full of monsters and creates a girl for a school project. The girl has to learn everything including how to speak but is very powerful so, of course chaos ensues. Each chapter is pretty formulaic girl, either causing confusion or solving problems, but creating more problems in the process. I think it'd be fine as a short story, but I quickly lost interest.

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