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Boxy Chan Anime theme- Unboxing Review

Boxy Chan is a mystery box that comes in many themes including anime, gaming, star wars and marvel. You can pick how many boxes you want and they will be shipped to you each month until your order is filled. Unlike a subscription box that automatically sends you a box until you cancel here you can pick from 1 box, 3 boxes, 6 boxes and 12 boxes and if you pick 6 or more the shipping is free. This box cost me $25 plus shipping. I was not paid to review this and my opinion is my own.

Here is what was inside my female anime themed box(though I did say they could put male items in as well which explains One Punch Man, One Piece and Naruto)

1. Nami Pop Figure -$10

2. Sailor Moon Pocket Pop key-chain - $6

3. One Piece mystery keychain(I got luffy) -$5

4. One Punch Man mystery figure -$4

5. Naruto Shippuden Sasuke lanyard -$5

6. Sailor Moon seat buckle belt -$12

7. Listen to me girls I'm your father ruler -$2.60 (pack of 5 is $13)

8. Dokebi Bride volume 1 (Korean manga) -$10

Total value -$54.60

This box is worth it if unlike me you love tons of merch more than manga or DVDs. I prefer to collect the anime series or manga over knickknacks to sit on my shelf. Not a huge fan of this box as the only item I'll likely keep is the ruler as I can make use of it; Also I'm not a fan of the anime I was given. I'm sure many people are fans of Naruto, Sailor Moon, One Punch Man and One Piece as they are all popular, and if you're one of them then maybe this box will work for you. The manga Dokebi Bride after looking it up is on indefinite hiatus from 2008 so unlikely the series will ever be completed, so I'm not exactly thrilled about getting a manga I can't ever read the ending to. I honestly knew there would be more items than manga or DVD(some boxes do have DVDs), but I would more likely keep them if they were from anime I liked. I also heard some boxes come with a t-shirt and I would have 100% kept that if it had an anime I liked on it.

In the end if you love items from your favorite anime like keychains, figures and accessories then this box is for you, as it is a great value. I will also add I ordered this box in April and took until today to arrive so be patient, but I have heard if you order more than one box it will show up on time.

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