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Brisingr- Book Review

Brisingr is the 3rd book in the Inheritance Cycle. With this book, you will be 3/4 from done with the series. This one is the first book I ever considered going to book release for after I had the limited edition version of Eldest, but I didn't end up even asking my mom to go. Is this book as good as it appeared back then?

The Plot

Roran and Eragon, team up to rescue Raron's love Katrina from Helgrind where she has been held captive by the Ra'zac for many months. After the successful rescue it turns out there was one other prisoner, Sloan, traitor of Cravahall and Katrina's father. Eragon decides to keep the fact he is alive a secret from the lovers and from most of the world but instead of ending his life he gives him a second chance to repent.

The Varden are thrown into many battles but Eragon's duty is to travel back to Farthen Dur to ensure the new dwarf king will support the Varden in the battles that lay ahead. The job may include many meetings but dwarves plotting to take Eragon's life are not far down the tunnels. Eragon may have to resort to fighting to find a peaceful solution to the dwarf monarchy.

My Review

This book is dense and full of events all about getting everyone in place for the final battles in book 4. There is so much that happens that it is hard to keep track of everything, but it all makes you want to read it more to find what happens next. I 100% believe that when he wrote this book it was meant to be the end but there was so much to write about it ended up being 2 books. All the characters you know and love from the previous books are here, and they fulfill their roles amazingly. This book has many beginnings and ends within, but the story isn't over yet.

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