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Buddha- Manga Review

For those who may be wondering, no I'm not a Buddhist I'm a huge fan of Osamu Tezuka's work(one of my favorite anime of all time is Black Jack) and while at the library I found out he wrote a series on the life of Buddha. I was a bit curious on the life of Buddha and written by the man known as the godfather of manga how could you go wrong?

The Plot

Ancient India is a world where your fate is decided at birth if you're to be a slave or a noble. The world is also plagued by drought and famine and the lives of unfortunate people are drawn together as the young prince Siddhartha is born. Years later, Siddhartha goes on a journey to find enlightenment and becomes "The Enlightened One" and brings a spiritual rebirth in a world who desperately needs it.

My Review

I enjoyed this series it starts before Siddhartha was born and ends after his death. It fleshes out the world this was set in and has people from all walks of life and caste. If you ever wanted to learn about Buddha without having to read a textbook or net articles and wanted a great story then I urge you to give this series a read.

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