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C: Control, The money and soul of possibility- Anime Review

This is another limited edition blu ray I got on clearance. I can't say what exactly drew me to this one but the black and red background and the cool C logo is probably what did it. It also looked like a series that'd take place in a virtual or video game reality. What is it exactly? Let's find out!


Money is power is a fact second year economics student Kimimaro Yoga knows too well. His life is turned upside when a man in a top hat arrives late at night. Going by Masaki he petitions Yoga to come to the Eastern Financial District where money flows as long as one offers their "future" as collateral. Unknowing what exactly that entails, but greed winning in the end Yoga agrees. It turns out as an "Entre" he has to compete in duels called "Deals" for money. Now Yoga must adapt to this world with his future and fortune intact and discover what money is really worth.


This one is the first in awhile of anime to make the shelf. The charaters are interesting and I was at the edge of my seat for the whole ride wondering what would happen next. The fact you can put your future on the line to gain money, but if you get bankrupt your future in the real world is altered or destroyed is both interesting but terrifying to me. This anime also shows a lot on how money can affect your life and the world around you for both good and ill in an interesting way. If you want an anime that is fast paced, interesting and reflects reality on the world of money then take the "deal" and give it a watch.

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