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Candy from the UK- Food Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Like most people, I like sweets so of course when I went to London I got candy. My favorite candy besides chocolate is gummies or jellies in the UK so, I got those. I also never heard of luxury jellies/gummies, so I had to get the huge box.

Sherbet Lemons

I got these because they were mentioned in the Harry Potter books so, I wanted to give them a go. These are sweet lemon flavored hard candies and I love the sweet taste of them.

Fizzy Jellies

I thought they were going to be fizzy like bottle caps or something, but they are just sour. They taste great for sour jellies/gummies so, I'm glad I got them.

Bon Bon's luxury Jelly Box

The box was fancy, but it only came in a giant bag. The jellies themselves are great and taste like real fruit.

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