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Candy Please! -3DS Review(eShop)

I'm back for another Halloween eShop review! This time the game is called "Candy, Please". Just the name brings the memories of trick or treating back to you. The main image also shows a Jack-o-lantern, a witch and a ghost, all classic Halloween icons. Will this game bring what it advertises? Let's find out!

The Story

You are a girl with a younger brother all excited to go trick or treating but don't have any costumes ready. The girl and her brother search around the house and manage to find items and combine them to make costumes. Once the costumes are made you can go trick or treating and get candy but if you disguise yourself in more costumes you can get more candy, not to mention your mom's candy dish. You only have one night so make the most of it!


You can control the girl using the d pad or stylus. You can open doors and cabinets with the A button to find items and X to pick up and use items. The item inventory only has 1 item slot, so you may have to do a lot of back and forth to complete your mission.

To create costumes you first stash them in your wardrobe and then press A to enter your wardrobe to combine items into costumes. Some costumes require you to use scissors or a knife to alter the item first before it is ready to be combined into a costume. Make sure you look in every room and cabinet and even people's homes to find the items to make the costumes.

You can't go to the same house twice wearing the same costume so make sure you change your costume before revisiting any houses. Once you gather your candy you go to the orange candy dish to stash it away.

My Review

This game was only $2 bucks and worth it. I would say if you want a simple, short(can be beat in a hr or so if you know what you're doing) holiday game and you only have pocket change then this game will be worth your time. I will give this game a 6/10 for being a small Halloween treat.

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