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Carrie by Stephen king- Book Review

It is now October so, time for some horror welcome back to the Halloweenathon. I will be reviewing horror or supernatural themed media this month(except video games still working on Pokemon). First up is the classic Carrie from Stephen King. I have seen the movie many times(not the remake) and enjoy it so how will the book stack up?

The Plot

Carrie is outcasted at school by her peers, and suffer abuse by her religious mother. She also can move things with her mind, but can't always control it not that she tells anyone. Despite everything she experiences, the miracle of being invited to Prom by her crush Tommy Ross. It may not be a dream come true, but it will be a Prom night to never forget.


I like the story, but it is a bit annoying to read news articles debating the aftermath of the event so, it kind of kills the build up for me. I did find some characters I liked but I think King wanted you to pretty much hate everyone so you wouldn't feel bad when they died. So for me personally I prefer the movie as its the story beginning to end then having interruptions with news articles and interviews, but it's still a good book just not one I'll reread. If you wanted to know the whole story of Carrie and don't mind detours then give it a read.

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