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Casshan- Anime Review

I have never seen this series before, but I bought it during the Sentai Summer sale why? I saw and loved the reimagined series Casshan Sins, and wanted to see the original version. This anime was apparently was made in 1973 so, it is also one of the oldest anime I ever reviewed(if not, the oldest so far).

The Plot

Tetsuya Azuma turns himself into a robot (Casshan) to hunt down the robots made by Braiking Boss. Braiking Boss was once a robot made by Casshan's father, but went crazy after being struck by lightning it is now up to Casshan to stop him, and his army from taking over human kind.


I'm not much of a fan of the superhero genre, but Casshan despite being an android has the most humanity I saw. I also love that Luna who helps Casshan fight actually does some fighting and is not just to be saved. Considering how old this series is, it is nice how Casshan and Luna help each other along with Flender the dog to save humanity. Both leads are kind and only fight for justice, but even they have flaws. If you ever wanted to see robots, heroes, humanity, and tragedy then don't be afraid of the old style animation and give this a watch.

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