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Casshern Sins- Anime Review

I watched and liked this anime before I ever saw the original Casshan. I didn't even know this was based off another property, until I randomly saw the Casshan Blu-ray at the Sentai Summer Sale. Will my thoughts on Casshern Sins change after seeing the original work?

The Plot

Casshern awakens years in the future with no memory of what he has done. The world is affected by the Ruin, a plague that leaves nothing but rubble in its path. Robots and the remaining humans seek to kill Casshern for killing the last hope of humanity.


I still love this series as much if not more than I did before. It brings the question "can you truly live if you can't die?". Most eps deal with new people being met on Casshern's journey to find who he is due to his memory loss. This anime is a depressing serious series that deals with life and death using robots. I find Casshern and the other characters to be interesting on how they handle their situation of a dying world. If you like end of the world situations, life, death, and immortality being questioned, then this series will give you something to think about.

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