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Castle in the Sky- Anime Review

Castle in the Sky is a close second to my favorite Ghibli movie behind Princess Mononoke which I recently reviewed. Unlike the previous movie this one is much more family friendly and about finding a mythical place. A fun fact is this is the first Studio Ghibli movie and even now it stands the test of time.

The Plot

Sheeta a young orphan girl is abducted and taken on a airship by the government. As they want the power in the blue pendent she carries on her neck. The ship is attacked by Captain Dola and her sons who also want the power the pendent holds, in the struggle she falls from the ship, and thanks to the pendents power she floats slowly down into a small mining town.

She wakes up in a small house owned by a young boy named Pazu who took her in after her fall from the sky. Pazu wants to see Laputa, a castle in the sky as his father saw it, but was thought a fool as no one thought such a thing could exist. Pazu wants to clear his father's name by proving Laputa exists. It turns out Sheeta's last name is Laputa, what is her connection to Laputa and will they find it?

My Review

I grew up with this movie and even now I love it as much as I did as a kid. I actually want to cosplay as Sheeta someday as she is one of my favorite Ghibli characters. If you want a good family friendly movie with action, fantasy, and humor I fully recommend this movie.

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