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Ceres: Celestial Legend- Anime Review

I can't quite recall how I came across this. I probably found this somewhere on the net and watched it. This anime is an older anime(2000) so, the animation isn't breathtaking, but I do recall liking it so, I bought it off Ebay for $20 for the complete series. The fact, the price was so low for an out of print anime could either mean it isn't well known or it is bad, let's find out.

The Story Ceres was a celestial maiden who had her robe stolen by a human who forced her to marry him to get it back, as without her robe she can't return to heaven. She produces an heir to the human man and thus her blood line is now half human and celestial. Years pass and twins Aya and Aki are celebrating their 16th birthday it is unfortunately not a happy occasion as due to the fact Aya inherited Ceres powers she is sentenced to death by her own grandfather. Luckily she is able to escape and is protected by a man named Yuuhi. With her family hunting her down will she survive to her 17th birthday?

My Review This anime was great despite it's age. It is a classic to me and despite it looking like a romance it has death, blood, and dark topics. The ending is bittersweet, but it works for the anime. I'm honestly surprised by how much i liked this and right after I watched it I didn't even think before deciding to keep it. Looking for an older nearly forgotten anime? Check out Ceres.

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