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Chobits- Anime Review

The next anime for The Month of Love is the classic strange romance between a man and an android. Chobits is one of the most well known of all Clamp works and is often one of the first people are introduced to. This romance comedy has a lot of fans service and partial nudity though the romance itself is fairly innocent.

The Plot

Hideki movies to the city of Tokyo for college where he sees that many people have Persocoms(amazing computers that look like people). He has always wanted one but being a poor country guy can't afford one. On his way to his new apartment one night he finds one tossed in the trash and brings it home. He names this cute robotic girl Chi after the first thing she says. He slowly realizes Chi is different from other Persocoms and searches to find out her mysterious past while he slowly falls for Chi and Chi for him. Is Chi more human or robot and what will their relationship mean for humanity?

My Review

Chobits is an anime that has the message where you can love who you want as long as it's consensual. There is many types of relationships shown in this series and weather or not they are human doesn't seem to make a difference on their love. I also like how it makes you think about how attached we are to our computers and if they looked human how far we may go to choose them over our fellow humans. I give this anime an 9/10 for being simple but thought provoking.

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